The Lord’s Prayer….

Mat 6:9..After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

The approach when we come to God is meant to be an “our” approach, not so much a “me” approach.Jesus wants us to know that God is ours all together. He wants us to approach a
selfless God with a selfless Attitude. Sounds like let this mind be in you which
was also in Christ, sounds like love seeketh not her own.

When we enter into the closet of prayer, where all things are changed, lives are
impacted without the bonds of time or space, God wants us to come with such an
attitude that He is our Father, His concern is for us all. Jesus is our father
in Heaven. Being a perfect father, He loves all His children and he wants us to
be free with Him. He will embrace with love all those that come to Him. Jesus could
have taught us to pray “Our Lord which art in heaven” ,but he chose to give His
invitation as “Our Father” not “our God,King or Judge”.He is presenting Himself
as a father, before everything that He is.Selah

The confession of God being in heaven immediately brings to our attention, where we
are. God is exalted and we are the sheep of His pasture. Being in heaven He is
the Almighty God, sees all things, knows all things, does all things. While we ought
to be humbled by His Glory; being in heaven. He wants us to be assured He is on
High and reigns.

Hallowed be thy name: Let the name of the Lord be regarded as Holy. Because we cannot
separate God from his name: let God be regarded as Holy. Indeed He says be Holy,
for I am Holy. The Holiness of God is the Wholeness of God. The Holiness of God encapsulates all His attributes and Character. That’s why in Heaven they have no words to say, all they see is God for all He is and they cry Holy Holy! The definition of whole as a noun: a
thing that is complete in itself. God is complete all by Himself. He was there before the beginning. The beginning found Him in existence; He greeted the beginning “Hi there I am God “and the beginning greeted Him back “nice to meet you, am the beginning”. Selah

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