He Is The Best There Is (pt. 1)

He had always loved her. Ever since he laid his eyes on Abigail, he couldn’t help that feeling of such great love, tugging at his soul. This tingling sensation would just rush through his body every time they shared a glance, and she would smile. That was Abby’s most valuable trademark, a smile that could outshine the sun. She was gifted in the ability to brighten anyone’s day because she brought joy to all those around her. She had long black layered hair and these big, almond-shaped, lustrous, hazelnut eyes. To accompany her beauty and charm was a sharp intellect, an amazing personality and a good heart. She was stunning, a girl that any guy would have been blessed to have, a loyal friend to cherish and a daughter that any parent would have enjoyed raising.


They were not strangers, although they did not speak all that much in a while. They were neighbours and had known each other ever since kindergarten, and even then, it felt as though he’d known her way before. In high school, they had the best friendship in the world, it seemed. They had gotten extremely close after taking a few classes together. Since their seats were pre-assigned, they had no choice but to endure each other over the years, although it had been a privilege since the two got along just fine. Time spent with Abby was better than anything. That meant endless hours of conversation, family road trips, finding ways to avoid having to do homework and going on the swings late in the midnight hour at the neighbourhood park.


He was always the shoulder to cry on when Abby was in tears. That beautiful smile of hers fooled the whole world, but not him-she could never fool him. He knew instantly when something was wrong and he was always willing to lend a helping hand. It hurt to see her in so much pain. Abigail’s life was far from being perfect and she had to face a lot of problems. She had become a very strong individual because of everything she was going through and she learned to wake up every day and wear her smile, regardless of the circumstance. Independence was a quality she had mastered.  However, he pushed himself to be there for her. They were honest with each other and thus, their friendship grew. The two spent all their school year together, as usual, until something unexpected happened.


The summer of 2011, the two best friends were separated. It wasn’t the first time they had been apart, but that summer changed everything. Abigail went overseas on vacation. The two did not speak for three whole months. She had promised to send postcards, which she did persistently-for the first few days. He missed her, and so did she, but despite her “efforts”, she simply couldn’t find the time to write to him or give him a call. Her new occupation involved photography, visiting families, meeting new people, sight-seeing and shopping. He was saddened by how the summer had turned out, but he held it together until she came back; he had been counting down the days for her return.


He spent his vacation at the neighbourhood park, alone most of the time, and sometimes with a few sophomores from school. One of them was named Jacob Evans, a charming jock known for his popularity and mostly, for his notorious ability to deceive girls and make them fall in love with him. Jacob was a guy that seemed to have everything working out for him. Most guys would kill for Jacobs’ looks, although Jacobs’ looks could sometimes kill too. He was egocentric and had the cocky confidence that if he wanted a girl, she would be his in a matter of seconds. He showed a particular interest in Abigail and made it quite obvious that he had a thing for her. He wanted to know if the girl’s best friend could put in a good word for him. The best friend wasn’t a fan of Jacob but thought he’d mention it to Abby when he saw her. She couldn’t possibly be interested anyway.


– Chrishni Francis

Posted in Embers Of Truth on October 10, 2011.

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