He Is The Best There Is (pt. 2)

Unfortunately, the best friend didn’t get a hold of her until school started again. That school year was the worst of all. They only had one class together, English, but that wasn’t the dilemma. Abigail started off the month of September by dating Jacob Evans. Sadly, Abby and her best friend’s friendship ended that year, although the former was unable to comprehend whether the cause of all of it was her summer abroad or her new love interest.


He would speak to her in their English class, and she would brush him off, as though they were mere acquaintances. He tried calling her a few times and rang her doorbell, but she had her mother tell him that she was far too busy at the moment. His heart was broken, because he had given up so much for her and had made numerous sacrifices for her over the years. He couldn’t grasp the reason behind her recent cold heart. He had mended that heart far too many times for her to ignore his very being.


“Why, Abby? What did I do to deserve this?” is what he wanted to ask her, but he remained silent. He would feel guilty for forcing an answer out of her. He longed to have her be a part of his life again and he was determined to do everything in his power to do so, but as the sun would set, any kind of effort proved to be pointless. How could she be so ungrateful? Perhaps she developed amnesia during the summer? Whatever it may have been, her smile was now but a faint, distant memory.


It was Jacob. That night before school started that summer Abby went abroad, Jacob made his own rendezvous with her and deceived her into believing that her former best friend was just a backstabber that spread the word about wanting to get with her to all the other sophomores. Jacob’s tongue had uttered more lies in a minute than a person could have uttered in an entire year.


She believed him, because she had fallen in love with his charming self. He deceived her, because he wanted her all to himself. Jacob soon pressured Abby into doing all the wrong things. He made her lie to her parents, cheated off her on tests, shared a Budweiser with her on a daily basis, not to mention her very first joint. A fake I.D. was a must to get into all the famous clubs and sex was not an option. She had fun, and soon enough, that bright smile of hers returned. She was joyful Abigail, beautiful, popular and all. Jacob showed her a good time, but he didn’t know how to show her love. She managed to fake her happiness and fool everyone around her: her boyfriend Jacob, her new crew and her family-but not him. She could not fool him no matter how hard she tried and she knew that despite her attempts, that empty space in her heart would remain vacant. She was well aware of her success as a theatrical star on the rise, Hollywood could be her footstool, but if every one of her fans turned out to be like him, she didn’t have a chance in the world to succeed.


Fortunately, Abigail’s relationship with Jacob didn’t last. She eventually broke up with him. One cold, snowy winter night, Abby felt alone in a house full of the people she most cared about in the whole world-loneliness like never before. The young lady made her way out of the crowd and into her quiet bedroom. The only audible sound was the soft crackling of the icy branches on her window. She was afraid. She truly felt fear for the first time. At that moment, Abby knew just what to do and so, she gave her former best friend a desperate call, hoping he’d forgive her for being a fool in letting their friendship slip away. In a matter of seconds, to her amazement, there he stood at her doorway, with arms open wide because he loved her unconditionally; he always did and always will. He forgave her and forgot, because that’s who He is. He is the best there is.



Abigail (God is joy) as you and I

Him/Best Friend as Jesus

Jacob (the Deceiver) as Satan


– Chrishni Francis

Posted in Embers Of Truth on October 11, 2011.

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