God SAVED our lives!

Once upon a time, my parents’ church had an exhilarating idea, one that would put the whole church on fire for months to come: a picnic. Not just an ordinary picnic, but one that would send us on a drive for about an HOUR.

Well, I’m not quite sure of the length of the drive, but an hour should do. As a matter of fact, despite not remembering how long the ride was, I do remember the thoughts that were passing through my head: ‘I’d rather stay home and enjoy my Saturday cartoons. I guess being as young as I was, I didn’t have much influence over family decisions. Fast forwarding ahead, only the significant moments stood out in my head. My dad, feeling as I did, though for different reasons, stayed home and I was packed on a journey with my mother and two siblings. The vehicle used for the drive was none other than our own and we were dry on oil for the car, though this went unnoticed.

Unfamiliar with the route to our destination, another man tagged along as our driver. Far from home or any place I could recognize, the creeping scent of smoke snuck into the car and I out of all people found out. Though as I said, being young your voice doesn’t always go so far, so I was unheard. Soon enough, my sisters picked up on the scent as well (it was about time!), and we turned around now seeking for its origin. My mom became alert as well but the driver didn’t, so we didn’t pull over despite my mother’s many appeals. Then GOD hit. The vehicle behind us (I still remember the driver’s face. He had short dreadlocks), signaled us that there was fire beneath out car… well, cool. The part I disliked the most though was not being able to see the car roast; you don’t always get those chances!

Nevertheless, God saved our lives and all we can do is praise the Lord.

– Osborn Berko

Posted in Embers Of Truth on October 13, 2011.

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