Before any structure or building is physically built, a blue print or a sketch of the structure is constructed. The design contains dimensions of each wall, how many windows there will be etc. The master designer draws up the design but he may give over the design drawings to others who will then be responsible for building the actual structure. But if the design drawing is missing some important details, the structure will not turn out the way the master designer intended it to turn out. If the master designer does not specify in the drawings that He wants to have  red walls on the south side of the room and that he wants to have four windows ,he may come back to find a green wall and only one window in the room. There specifications on the design ensure that such a situation is avoided. The master designer will be as clear as He needs to be and will give as much detail as he feels the builder will need.

If the builder and the designer are going to work on the building together then, they really have to both understand what they are doing. In genesis 11, the people wanted to build a city and because they all spoke the same language they understood each other, the project was going great until God disrupted it and confused their languages so they would not understand each other. We can’t really decide to go off and build our own thing. If the master designer is still working on the designs, then don’t be impatient with Him, otherwise you might end up with a bicycle when he intended for you to build a plane.

This scenario describes God’s dealing with His people. It is always amazing to hear the voice of God and the direction that He gives us regarding His will and what He would like to see built. The Word of God is the blue print.It has everything we need to know about the building. We can wonder sometimes why God would speak specifically to us about something, but really He does not want to come back to find a green wall! If he feels we need to know it to build what should be built, and then He will say it. If he doesn’t say anything yet about the paint colors, it may not be time to paint yet; maybe we should level the floor before painting. When in doubt we can always ask Him about what to do next. He will always answer!

It is not all God’s responsibility to build us and to build His kingdom. We have a responsibility too for who and what we become as well as what we do. Through His word, God will give the blue print. The master designer’s drawings are never faulty; it is just the builders who don’t always build according to specifications. Sometimes there is shortage of building material, sometimes there is some misunderstanding. The master designer may not intend to build, at the time when we want to build but that does not invalidate the design.

God disrupted the project in Genesis 11 because the people decided to build their own pet project instead of building what God wanted then to build. But in Acts 2 when the people where ready to build what God wanted to build, God brought the tongues back and spoke to the people in such a way that they all understood what needed to be built. It’s amazing how God spoke through each person in a different language, yet only one foundation was laid and only one building was built after that. There is no contradiction in what was believed, taught and practiced by the disciples after this experience.

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