Wounded in the Line of Duty

The Doctor will never see us when we are healthy…but when we are in need He will see us. Someone might have to carry us from the war zone and bring us to Him, sometimes there will be no one around to carry us and we will have to crawl with a bleeding leg and crawl with patience and perseverance until we make it back to the base with Him, where He will attend to us. But however way we get to Him we will be attended to. Depending on the severity of our wounds, He will either unbutton our uniform so He can treat our wounds or He might as well have to rip and cut that uniform because it’s an emergency situation and He has to attend to the wounds immediately. Especially when we have been burned, the uniform is attached to the skin and He can’t just simply take it off, the uniform is in pieces. Depending on the severity of the wound, we will have to wear a bandage instead, but we can’t despise the bandage just because it’s not green like the camouflage. If the bandage is what we need, then He will give the bandage; if there is blood still coming from the wound, He can see it better in a bandage than in camouflage uniform. He does not want the uniform to camouflage the blood, because we can bleed severely!

He may release us immediately to go back into the field or He may have to observe us for two more day, or he may have us in bandages until we are fit for duty. But if we do not allow Him to treat us, He will not let us back into the field! He won’t let us simply cover the wounds with the uniform The only time He will ever let us go back into the field with a wound is if He has assessed it and bandaged it and declared that we are fit to go back.The awesome news though is that if He has to tear  and cut off our uniform, we will get a new uniform in place of the old one when we are fit for duty again. Coming back to the field with a new uniform just does something to you; if your shoes were burnt too, you get new shiny shoes. There is no way that your spirit wouldn’t be revived, coming back to such a worthy cause in a new uniform!

It sure must feel like the first time when you walked into the field for the first time, its fresh anointing…the care by The Doctor and the new uniform just works wonders.
– Rati Kubanji
Posted in Embers Of Truth on January 4, 2012.

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