FLAYME Committee

General Youth Director

Hector Guzmán

For more than 11 years, Hector Guzmán has lead the youth ministry as the General Youth Director at the UPC of Saint Laurent, Quebec. Over that time, the FLAYME has emerged to become one of the most powerful groups of young saints on the face of the planet! As the days become darker and the more evil, Hector has a profound desire to see young people all over the world become great and mighty warriors in service for the Kingdom of Almighty God.

Secularly, Hector studied Illustration & Design and is now a Graphics Developer for Bombardier Aerospace’s Business Aircraft division.

Hector loves people, food, music, and art (not necessarily in that order). He can often be found sitting around a table enjoying a great meal with his favorite peeps and sharing songs that describe his colorful view of reality.

Hector is married to his High School sweetheart with whom he has two remarkable boys, and an absolute princess!


General Administrator

Twila Amato

On September 2010, the St-Laurent UPC Youth was gifted with a fun-sized bundle of (loud) joy from Vancouver: Twila!

Twila is the record-keeping, document-editing, date-minding General Administrator ninja by night and the running, eating and talkative girl by day! She is currently majoring in linguistics, and minoring in Greek and Spanish at McGill University. Hey, don’t think she’s a complete nerd! She also enjoys The Word, literature, music, jamming, writing, Star Wars, -25 weather, food, coffee, food… and food.

She also moderates Embers of Truth, the FLAYME creative writing initiative! So if you have a poem about God’s grace, a short story about His miracles, a testimony, or you just want to minister through the written word, go ahead and send your submissions to the e-mail above!

Network Co-ordinator

Lei-Mark Castillo

Lei Mark has been a part of the St-Laurent UPC Youth group since 1998. As Network Coordinator, he is responsible for youth contact, recruitment, and multi-language development and exchange for the FLAYME.

He is a graduate of Special Care Counselling from Vanier College and now is a current student at Purpose Institute a local bible school in the province of Quebec. He enjoys playing and teaching the piano and leading in worship.

He is happily married to Sis. Metzi Villanueva.

Activity Co-ordinator

Randy Timbol

As the Activity Team Leader, Randy oversees the wide gamut of recreational activities that the FLAYME takes part in throughout the year. Be it skating in the winter-time, volleyball on Monday nights, or the annual Fellowship Bash at a local park, Randy’s mandate at such events is three-fold: that the youth have good wholesome fun; that the environment creates Christian team-work and personal development; that the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified through the lives of the FLAYME.
He is currently a sales manager at a major mobile telecommunications retailer and is also studying Pure & Applied Science.
Randy loves to stay active; whenever possible, he loves to jump on his mountain bike to either hit the trails or race up and down Montreal’s Mount Royal.

Outreach Co-ordinator

Lorena Gutierrez

Lorena Gutierrez has been a member of the FLAYME since September 2008, and a committee member since 2009. Along with her team, her role as the Outreach Coordinator is that of reaching people in their needs and making ways through which they can experience Christ. “Our goals are souls”, and the ways by which you can reach them are endless.

She is currently pursuing a career in medicine at the University of McGill. She is driven by her love towards God and people.

She enjoys comfy sweaters, swinging, and stretching her arms in warm breezes. In her spare time she takes pleasure in biking, reading, writing, and catching the glimpse of the first sunray at dawn. She loves listening to the strums of a classical guitar, and eating- I mean, who doesn’t?

Promotions Co-ordinator

Rochelle Panganiban

In 2009, Rochelle joined the St-Laurent UPC Youth group.

As Promotions Team Leader, under the developmental department, she is responsible for coordinating live announcements, providing event or activity invitations and posters. In addition, helping to build creative young people to one day to step up for the position.  She also serves a support and contributor to the creative team of the FLAYME.

She is a currently studying Social Science at Vanier College in the province of Quebec and is planning to pursue a Psychology degree and a Masters  in Creative Therapy. She enjoys playing the guitar and fellowship, where she is the first to come and the most times the loudest ! Fellowship means anywhere where there is: Music/Jamming + Good Food + People that stand for Jesus.

Multimedia Co-ordinator

Jason Timbol

Jason Timbol is the FLAYME Multimedia Coordinator. His ministry and design practice are propelled by sharing the truth of the Gospel, whether through his work or words. He oversees the ad campaigns and the production of promotional material for FLAYME events.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Design from Concordia University in Montreal.

Jason is an avid cook and “foodie”. When not at work or at church, he can be found in his kitchen experimenting with whatever ingredients and produce are at hand.

Prayer Co-ordinators

Mutugi and Necie Gathuri

Mutugi Gathuri has been actively involved in the youth since around 2004-2005. As the Prayer Coordinator, He facilitates the development of Prayer and Fasting in the FLAYME ranks. Prayer and Fasting are the spiritual weapons of warfare, and he works hard to ensure that these weapons stay sharp and shinning.

He is a graduate of McGill University and when not ministering, he enjoys quiet walks in the woods with his lovely wife Necie Aviles and biking occasionally.

He is looking forward to driving an F1 ( Formula 1) car in the future.

Scripture Co-ordinator

Ratanang Kubanji

Ratanang  Kubanji has been a member of the Flayme since 2009. As the Scripture Coordinator, her role is to help and lead the Flayme in regards to the Word of God. The vision is to see the Word of God fulfilled in the Flayme and through the Flayme. Not just SOME of the Word but ALL of the Word, so that the Flayme’s identity is the  ever true and enduring Word of God!

Nationality-wise she is from Botswana, a country in southern Africa. God’s plan brought her to Montreal to study, and she has fallen in love with this city, its people and the God of this city, Jesus. She is currently pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering. She happens to believe to that God is an engineer too… come see her regarding the scripture reference for that belief!

She enjoys fellowshipping with God, family and friends, as well as playing sports or engineering stuff!

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